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My (Sal) only earliest memory of meeting Mormons was a Bible Study in Oakdale, MN. It was my first year coming to a personal relationship with Christ, which a couple of Mormons were invited. The Bible Study leader and these Mormons went over Scriptures to see what the differences were of their belief system.

An indirect meeting was finding a Mormon bible at the Student Center of the local college campus in this town. I've seen their "bibles" advertises many times on T.V., which was my very first time to actually see on in person.

I met a former member here in Morris, who came from Arizona. He shared many stories from his short-time there. Instead of me judging what I don't not know from first-hand experience, I'll let the links down below tell you...

Reccomended Resources


West-Central Minnesota



What Mormons Believe?
"I'm a Christian and I think this video is funny and fake. I think instead of knocking Joseph Smith and putting these Mormons on the defensive, you should act like a real Christian and be respectful about it. I know that if someone put me in a defensive position, I would come out fighting, but if someone came to me respectful, then I would listen."


Mormons exposed - The character of Joseph Smith - Today's Christian Videos


  • Life After Joseph

  • About Christianity, from a former Mormon Perspective



  • Ex-Mormon, stories of first-hand experience
  • Teachings

    Mormons exposed - Who is Jesus? - Today's Christian Videos

    "Mormons teach many heresies, beware of them!"
    Mormons exposed - Joseph Smith the Translator - Today's Christian Videos butindaro Posted 3 years ago

    "Mormons are victims of a fraud?"
    Are Mormons Christians - Today's Christian Videos leadmeguideme1 Posted 3 years ago
    "God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus are separate entitities"
    Watchman Fellowship's What's the Deal With Mormons Baptizing Dead People - understanding Baptism for the Dead - Ministry Videos watchman1 Posted 3 years ago

    *below were found via "search: ex-Mormons"

    Cija's testimony

    "My testimony on how I came to know the Christ of the Bible!"

  • Ex-Mormon, shares the "Truth"
  • Laura's Testimony - an Ex-Mormon led out of the LDS Church through the ministry of Watchman Fellowship tells her story.

    "The video testimony of Laura Mohat - a young woman led to the Real Jesus by Watchman Fellowship. visit us online - - for more information about sharing the Real Jesus with Mormons and others deceived by false prophets and teachers."
  • Testimonies of Ex-Mormons, from God and Science
  • "But since there is so much immorality, each man should have his own wife, and each woman her own husband."-1 Corinthians 7:2




    -New Zealand
    Mormonism Exposed! Part 1 of 3

    "While on the streets in Christchurch, New Zealand, we encounter two Mormon missionaries who expose a lot of their teaching..."

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