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You Tube Dialogue from Nov-Dec 08'

-Dec 10, 2008

To: mariathelates
Sorry to read about your story. I was too teased in junior and high school by everybody (Christians too). Ever heard of the KKK (Klu Klux Klan-white supremecist)? Well, they claim themselves Christians too. I was playing tennis with my sister one day in junior high and two "skin heads" (a.k.a "rockers"-white guys w/ partly shaved heads) threw glass beer bottles at me-almost got hit! I got so mad that I ran after them and even went to their house, but my sister got a hold of me and prevent me from going after them. I have had "bad experiences" of Christians too, which I get mad too-a bunch of hypocrites....
However, there are "good" and "bad" of every race, religion, people overall because of our "sinful" world...
As the story I sent you earlier on "racism", which I was "looked down upon" with different races of people (black, white, asian, etc..) However, after becoming a Christian (1996-19 years young), I've learned to "forgive" (especially those who "hate", "tease", or even "persecute" you. It takes time...
Please don't let your "personal experiences" with those Christians affect your perspective of Jesus Christ. For example, if I had a bad experience in a particular school-should I drop out? No, I'll try another school. A bad experience at one school shouldn't make me "judge" all schools. It's like Christianity, if I meet some "bad" Christians at a church congregation, I will go to another church congregation. Better yet, go to the source-Jesus Christ (personal relationship with God). I'll share more later.
p.s. thanks for the cultural tip to not ask what people use to eat. My parents use their hands too! I got friends from Malaysia here too, which I can ask them too. What's your favorite food/dish in Malaysia? In the Philippines-mine is "Lumpia" (eggrolls with pork and noodles) and "Adobo" (chicken boiled w/ soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, etc..)

From: mariathelates
Re: response to pray for those who persecute you...
"give me a real statement. that i cannot understand it in your blog. to many word and makes me sleepy. hey i really wanna ask u about Christianity, so don't go away easily. when i always answer Christian dude about jesus is god, they always run and raise white flag.

by the way malay divided into 3 race. malay, india, chinese. and also some minority, such as orangasli( indigenous people in malay, but they live in jungle, some of them christian, but with our struggle thank Allah nowadays they converts to islam the real religion). only chinese use chopstick. malay and india used hand to eat. one thing that u should know when u come to malaysia never ask people ( especially malay , about what are they using when eating. that's an insult!) sure.. really that's not a joke.

well i want to share u my story, about what i fell with christian people. when i was in junior high school/ middle school, i enter international school. i enter that school because it was the best school and i can learn English and other language. but when i went in the class room, (most of the other kid was Chinese and they christian) they don't like me. they say i am dirty and nasty. sometimes they beat me and took my money. i cannot revenge their attitude until now, i never seen them again. well i know christian is racist religion, they always makes fun with other, and i never see nice and wise christian people in my life so what do u expect with me. if u can show me christian is good, and jesus is God i will convert, but what i see everyday i wanna christian wipe out from this world. christian only hypocrite and barbaric religion."

-Dec 09, 2008

TO: mariathelates

" is more...

p.s. By the way, I was watching a video of Malaysian culture-do you use chopsticks?"

from: mariathelates
Re: response to pray for those who persecute you...
"which is why I feel Allah sent Isa Al-Masih/Esau (Jesus) to show us how to to forgive our sins (daily). I learned I don't have to follow rituals, laws, or do "good works" to get to Heaven. Isa Al-Masih died on the cross for all that and rose the third day to show us that we have eternal life...
>>>> so you don't have to follow ritual, do good works, and then u can have eternal life(heaven) what a ridiculous, religion.
so if i comitt adultery, rapped, killing, and do many sin. i will go to heaven. such a idiotic religion no wonder why nowadays many people convert to islam. such a barbaric religion.
u don't answer my question, u just say anything that out from contents..

-Dec 08, 2008

TO: marianthelates
I've considered Islam years ago during college as I studied it and other religions (Hinduism, Bhuddaism, Mormonism, etc...). My friend who was Muslim kept asking me questions (just like you), so we studied together...
*my on-going research

The Prophet Moses (موسىٰ, Mūsa) gave us the "Ten Commandments"-"not to kill", which it's impossible to follow and not break all the ten commandments. I myself (born and raised as a Catholic, but a sinner) have broken many "commandments" (e.g. steal money from my workplace, adultery by lusting other woman, etc...), which is why I feel Allah sent Isa Al-Masih/Esau (Jesus) to show us how to to forgive our sins (daily). I learned I don't have to follow rituals, laws, or do "good works" to get to Heaven. Isa Al-Masih died on the cross for all that and rose the third day to show us that we have eternal life...
Here is more...
...In a similar way God and Jesus are essentially the same. However their roles are different as is explained in the doctrine of the Trinity. Therefore, the question raised, "How is it possible for God to die on the cross like Jesus did?" is answered accordingly: The essence of God resides in all three aspects of the Trinity. When Jesus died on the cross, the essence of God did not cease to exist or operate during the time between his death and his resurrection. "Furthermore, the spiritual nature of God is such that it does not become less by assuming a human nature in Jesus....
They will make war against the Lamb (Jesus, see John1:29), but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings..."
(Revelation 17:14)
Ma esmouk?"

from: mariathelates
Re: response to pray for those who persecute you...
" well why don't u join islam. u can join me together we can kill them, i loved to see whoever hurt me that i wanna rip off their heart.
how did i became muslim?? i was born muslim.
i don't have any question about Quran. well i wanna ask you ok, why christian praise Jesus and makes him became God. give me the answer. u can using your bible.
let me know brother, since u make some attention to me, i just makes u not try to talk with me but u insisted.

-Dec 07, 2008
TO: mariathelates
"Hi-Masaa el kheer ,
I don't want to convert you...That is Allah's doing. I speak a little Arabic, my uncle lived in the Middle East for 20 years. I have Muslim friends from all over the world (Egypt, Jordan, Iran, and even Indonesia). Here is something that you might be able to relate....
Race started to become an "issue" through my social surrounding as I got older. I remember we had a "mini race riot" in Battle Creek Middle/Junior High School. It was the "rockers" (predominately Caucasians into 80's heavy metal) and the "rappers" (predominately African Americans into 80's rap before hip-hop became really big). There was this place across our school called the "bridge" (now a beautiful paved remodeled park last time I went for a job-summer of 03'), where the "troublemakers" would like to hangout and do their own "thang" (drugs, smoke, sex, etc..). One school day, the "rockers" and "rappers" were supposed to have a "meeting" or a "fight". I was neutral, so I went straight home (only 2 blocks away or over the fence from Battle Creek Middle/Junior High School) and stay away from this. I remember sitting home and watched some folks running past my backyard (we live behind the schools' sports field-just 15 feet from the fence that's between our townhomes and the field)from the "fight". I think he was bleeding and the several or more cops cars had to come to the scene. To this day, I don't really know what really happened; but the racial tension was still present or grew!
During the 3 years of Junior High/Middle School, I couldn't ignore or avoid the racial incidents. It started to become my life! One time, I was entering the main part of the school where all the students meet before school began (they don't want students running around the halls before classes started). I was trying to get inside, but this "white boy" (Caucasian American) would not let me inside. I then suprisingly used whatever muscles (I didn't really start working out yet) I had and slammed the window door against this "white boy's" (Caucasian American)face. He swore at me as I went through the doors past him as I got inside. I was called "gook" again when I was delivering newspapers in my neighborhood, which is by Battle Creek Middle/Junior High School. Then another time during the Persian Gulf War in Iraq, a "friend" teased me on how I "look like the enemy" because of my dark hair and skin complexion of a Middle Eastern. One time I was Beginning to be a "tough guy" became to grow inside of me due to my surroundings. ...
What's your story? How did you became a Muslim? Do you have questions about the Qu'ran?
Laila sa'eda wa ahlaam ladida,

-Dec 05, 2008

from: mariathelates
Re: response to pray for those who persecute you...
"fuck u. u are christian morron. i know kinda people like you, trying be nice and than u wanna me convert into your faith. u just get out from here , after all u gonna go to hell and i not wanna join you ok. just don't bring me to hell, if u wanna go there so don't brought other.
Quran is written in Arabic language, how can u read that? are u retard."

-Dec 04, 2008
TO: mariathelates
" Hi/Salaam Milakim,
I believe in Allah too...Here is my story, I"m not a "Saint"! I make mistakes like anybody...
Milakim Salaam,
p.s. I've read the Quran already-have you read all of it?
Invitation Prayer to a Personal Relationship with God

This is taken from a monthly (Fall of 1999) praise and worship gathering in Minneapolis' First Covenant Church. He shares a testimony of a woman that had cancer in her kidney that received prayer in this type of gathering a month ago. Days after h... "

from: mariathelates
Re: response to pray for those who persecute you...
"hey are u Christian? if u are, well i don't wanna talk with you ok. just stop it. don't act like u were saint or something better. ok. the problem in this world isn't miscommunication. but u all Christian should wipe out from this world so human will accept the real God, which is Allah. so u better read quran before your time finish and some one put bomb in your house."

-Dec 02, 2008
TO: mariathelates
Yes, the problem today is "miscommunication", which we all misinterpret each other and start pointing fingers to one another. I feel websites like these can help dialogue with one another to better understand each other. Yes, I have friends in Indonesia-I would love to visit there someday. My parents immigrated here from the Philippines, which we are very close neighbors. What do you do as a job there? What is the political climate like right now in your area/country?
p.s. what's your name?"

-Dec 01, 2008
from: mariathelates
Re: response to pray for those who persecute you...
"well i was born in malay, but now i stayed in indonesia. i have something to do here. and since i was child i never stayed to long in malaysia. much of our battle in world nowadays is because of our perception. we have a different thinking and opinion. we cannot share our idea as one, and then we ended up like this. we all humans but we not act like human. we like to spread the hatred rather than forgiveness and love. the problem in this world never gonna be better. more worse than it's.

-Nov 30, 2008
TO: mariathelates
" response to pray for those who persecute you...
My name is Sal, what's yours? I'm just responding to your comment on a video of the unfortunate Mumbai "terror". Youre from, I have friends from Malaysia..what part? I just wanted to share that the "terrorist" that went on that shooting rampage-whether-Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc.. It doesn't matter, Jesus (recognized in Judaism and Islam too as a "Prophet") taught to "love your enemies/neighbors" and especially forgive and pray for those that do "wrong" (persecute) to you. Much of our world's battles are retaliation due to "unforgiveness"..I know it's easier said than done, which is possible through God's help-love! Feel free to share your thoughts.

-Nov 29, 2008
from: mariathelates
Reply to your comment on: Mumbai Terror Attacks - Taj Mahal Burning Fire!
"pray in hell. your religion is shit. how can you worship a human. and yet he never say he was a god. this is was done by Christian, they want to see Islam being blamed. Mumbai Terror Attacks - Taj Mahal Burning Fire!


Mumbai ( Bombay ) Mumbai (Marathi: मुंबई, Mumbaī, IPA:[ˈmumbəi] (help·info)), formerly Bomb...

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